Miracles Within

 Heal your life Spontaneously, from Financial and  Relationships to Health &  well being;

This system has helped countless people to improve their health and lives immensely and even miraculously. The most powerful tool we can use is the unlimited and hidden power of the mind, coupled with the magical guidance and power beyond it. “Many times clients have told me that I perform healing miracles”. My answer to this statement is that I work with the universal power, which works through me, along with client’s own higher power. This power can help us solve our issues and change our life. The only obstacle is that most do not know how to access this power and use it properly. Universe has guided me to discover and learn how to tap into this connection and higher power through several major life challenges and illnesses which led me to healing myself and later on helping others to do the same”.

 My mission in this lifetime is to show people how they can access their mind and higher power to improve their life’s quality as well as heal themselves and others.

In my book “Miracles Within” and my seminars I share these gifts of transformation and healing methods and other life-changing messages with you.

Ben Raffi Author of 3 books, Hypnotherapist , Certified EFT and NLP practitioner, The Ultimate Life & Spiritual coach, Certified Angel medicine therapist, Reconnective and Paranic healing practitioner, Energy Medicine & Therapy, Taoist Secret meditation facilitator and teacher, Past life therapist, & Transformation coach. Has been paid to travel to work with dignitaries and Billionaires all over the world.

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Ben Raffi graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1979 with a major in Engineering Management and a minor in real estate. Ready to move on to the next phase of life and looking forward to a bright professional future ahead, but became very ill in 1985. Numerous visits to doctors proved to be of no help to treat him for his unexplainable debilitating pains. Having survived on pain medication for five years, Ben Raffi began to look for answers. He researched and studied several holistic/alternative modalities that helped him turn his life around within a short timeframe, and provide him with the foundation for his journey of complete recovery. After healing himself, Ben started helping others as a mind-body-energy medicine practitioner and a holistic/alternative healer. He has helped countless people heal themselves and changed their lives miraculously, spontaneously, and even remotely. The core component of his healing system is based on the ability of the mind to tap into its unlimited and hidden powers.


  • I wonder how it is possible that a person has an ability to help people both physically and emotionally. After a couple of sessions my back with multiple deviations feels better than with in the last two decades. Practically all my pain is gone.

    Also my ice cream addiction in addition to over eating is only a part of the history of my life. I have no desire to eat anything sweet to begin with and all those have turned out to be tasteless. I have lost weight 10 pounds with out paying any attention to my diet with in the last month and this is just the beginning.

    What also amazes me, it that my worries about my sick love one does not bother me in the way it used to do. There is nothing essential I could do to begin with and that person is taken care of. At this point I am more than OK with this case and I am totally at peace and happier than ever before in my life

    thanks a lot Ben

    Sipra – Denmark
  • I want to thank you, Ben, from the bottom of my and my family\\\’s heart for the miracle which you have made possible with my health. After a period of trouble breathing, and several tests, my doctor diagnosed me with advanced lung cancer.

    Chemo would make me sicker since it was so advanced, and surgery was out of the question, because it had spread to both lungs. This was equal to a death sentence, since there is no traditional treatment for the disease. In fact they told me I only had two weeks to live and I should make the necessary arrangements.

    I walked around and slept with oxygen. I also had a tear in the lung that was not healing. My nephew introduced you to us, for which we are eternally grateful.

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    You personally came to our house, and started to talk to us about the miracles within, positive energy, and faith in G-d. Your first question was, what is bothering you right this minute? and my response was, œthe tear in my lung, which has been without change for more than two weeks, and that the doctors are ready to perform surgery to sew it manually. You worked on this particular problem and had me concentrate and direct positive energy to the tear.

    That night my temperature rose to 103, and my doctor insisted that I go to the hospital emergency room. My son resisted going to the ER, and suggested we wait it out.

    In the morning my doctor called to get me to her office to check the status of the fever and X-ray my lungs. The temperature went back to normal, and the results of the X-ray showed a complete healing of the tear. This was shockingly good news, since the tear showed vividly on the film taken a day before. From that moment, I felt that I will beat this disease.

    One month later, after working with you twice per week, my CT scans and X-rays show nothing in either of the lungs. Now, one might say there was a mistake in the diagnosis. But, we took the slide of the biopsy to The City of Hope hospital for a second opinion, and it was confirmed to be lung cancer. Ben, I have my life back. It is a Miracle.

    Thank you and G-d bless you.

    Evelyn H. – Los Angeles, California August 2003
  • I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Ben Raffi and experiencing his amazing gift of “energy healing”.Prior to sitting down with him, I was extremely skeptical about the whole concept, inspite of my 35-year spiritual path.A believer in alternative medicine, I’ve tried many healing systems that only worked for a while, so my faith inin their effectiveness wore off pretty quickly.Looking back I realize the reason they didn’t work was due to the fact that I wasn’t asked to take part in the actual healingprocess. Therefore never practically connecting with the “Source of Healing” within myself.

    Another reason for my skepticism was the fact that none of the systems really dealt with me as a “whole”: mind/body/spirit.

    I felt frustrated and “in need” of “being healed”.

    Then, one day, at the suggestion of my good friend, I made an appointment and sat in front of him, feeling a great deal

    of pain physically, due to an acute case of Fibromyalsia—to the point where i just could not bear it.

    He spoke gently about the amazing world of energy and self-healing by: connecting directly to the Source–while helping

    me to focus on letting go and surrendering.

    And before i knew it, my skepticism and self-doubt had vanished. I felt “light” and 98% pain free.

    Even more importantly, I felt sooooo relaxed and @ peace.

    And the most awesome part? My revelation that the healing was interactive–I played a huge role in what took place.

    This realization has led me to join a hands-on Self-Healing program led by Ben.

    My first experience with Ben was 2-fold for me: 1. my pain subsided for a few days 2. seeing this result, I got more connected to

    the source of life–in a real way, having experienced the “Miracle Within”.

    Thank you Ben.

    mina k. – Los Angeles October 2011

    It all started with Ben helping me quit cigarettes and stop dumping toxins into my body. Later, it developed into understanding and respecting my body. It was the matter of learning how to communicate with my body. It was through receiving messages from my body and sending back messages to my body that I started relieving my body of unnecessary tension and negativity. I have learned that negative thoughts, tension, depression, sorrow, self pity and other forms of destructive thoughts can behave as toxins or release toxins in my body. Ben taught me how to be aware of messages from my body, and understand how my thoughts and behaviors affect my body and mind. He basically taught me that I can either be, behaving against my own body, or play a supportive role to help my body. Now, in addition to meditations that I have learned to do, and monitoring the messages between my mind and body, I have learned how to command and help my body fight a lot better and faster against any symptoms like a cold, flu, headaches, neck ache, and many others.

    After a while, it has simplified into just me commanding my body to fight against a cold for example, as soon as I notice the smallest symptoms. It has been almost two years that I have not had, even a cold. I quit smoking literally that same day of my first session with Ben, which was not even in person, it was over the phone. But, the rest of my learning to command my body, did not happen overnight, however, since I began Ben’s classes I gradually reached the results I have now, of being able to command my body to behave and just stay healthy, basically.

    In addition, for the past two years I have been helping my 10 year old son who used to get sick a lot from school, to

    develop a better immune system, and get over or avoid sicknesses all together.


    Al – Washington D.C 2009
  • Dear Ben,

    Once you sat next to me and decided to help with a heavy congestion nasal/ sinus problem I was having, I accepted without any belief. When you started helping me, very quickly you realized that something was upsetting me and you proposed to make it go away without needing to know the topic. I felt something happening and my sinuses were opening and I could finally breathe. Days passed and my mood and happiness went up, I felt a huge relief and much lighter. I was singing again and after so many years of seeing psychologists, who never really helped, with you, I finally felt my life was back and that heavy weight that had been on me and that I had carried every day for so long, was gone for good. Even when I think about it now, nothing hurts anymore. I call that a miracle.

    So, when my best friend came from France with an addiction to cigarettes and a nervous thing which constituted her literally pulling out her hairs and I knew she wanted to stop because the damage was very visual by the bad quality and the weakness of her hair; I shared with her my experience with you. She was very excited and couldn’t wait to meet you. She met you one time for one hour, and when she went back to France she never touched her hair anymore or ever smoked again. Since then, I have worked with Ben to increase the size of my breasts, which use to be a good size before giving birth to two kids; and so far in just a few weeks my breasts are one size bigger. Ben has changed my life and brought so much peace to my mind.

    Thank you for all of your miracles Ben!

    Virginia from France, December 2008
  • My history: For the past nine months to a year, I had been smoking one pack of cigarettes per day and drank half a bottle of hard liquor every day and on weekend’s one bottle per day. I was hopeless and I was visualizing myself attending AA meetings.

    On the second of February, I called you and you worked with me for half an hour on both smoking and drinking. I have not smoked or drank ever since. Interestingly enough, since the time you have worked with me, there has been three specific occasions that alcohol and cigarettes were offered to me and I did not have any temptation to smoke or drink at all.

    I do believe God loves me, to have had you in my path.

    Respectfully, Shahram San Diego 2008
  • I struggled for many years with ADD and mood difficulties. I tried countless, so-called, promising things to overcome this, but everything turned out to be only a temporary relief at best.

    Ben was the first one, who helped me to discover the effective tools of how to work on myself to overcome these issues that were such a severe plague and handicap on me for so many years. The sessions with Ben helped me to initiate a great alchemical transformation process to change my life completely, for the best, and to create a wonderful spiritual awakening. I thank G-d to have made it possible for me to meet and work with him.

    I can recommend whole heartedly this great artist of mind-Healing to everybody who is struggling with these or similar problems.

    Adam Jerusalem January 2007
  • I saw Mr. Raffi’s show on Persian TV, I watched the show with doubt because energy therapy was new to me. However, he sincerely helped one person over the phone to reduce her pain and emotion even though, he was geographically far away from her at the time he worked with her. So, then, I ordered his book and I could tell that he is a happy and content man with high self-esteem and as I read his book, I found out he is a very spiritual man too. He inspired me so much I would like everyone to know that his book is full of life changing material, thank you Mr. Raffi.
    Siroos Arkansas 2007

    I am a thirty-five-year-old woman, married with two children. I was diagnosed with symptomatic lupus (central nervous system), which is an autoimmune disease. My symptoms were extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, numbness, dizziness, chest pain and shortness of breath plus cognitive impairment. I had been taking several medications for a period of one year; they helped a little, but the disease was only slowed down, not cured.

    I felt defeated by this disease; I had lost hope. On a typical day I had trouble getting out of bed. Just thinking of starting my day with my disabilities was overwhelming and made me depressed. I had to plan my life day by day and at times hour by the hour. I had difficulty standing for more than ten minutes at a time and could walk a maximum of just one block. I was able to do very little housework or other normal activities.

    To my astonishment, the first miracle happened after only a few sessions of mind work, energy healing, and spirituality with Mr. Raffi. I improved a great deal. I had more energy, and my mood improved greatly. Headaches and dizziness were the first to disappear. I was able to stand for a longer time and walk a greater distance. I became able to make appointments with-out hesitation, and my memory and concentration improved tremendously to almost normal levels.

    He taught me to use these techniques on a daily basis to deal with and reduce life’s stresses and problems. Now I am much happier than before because I have learned to love myself and to be closer to God. It seems like I am born again, and God has given me a second chance.

    Since then I have gone through many major changes in my life. I learned to use the miraculous powers within me to heal. I found peace and happiness, healed completely, and became stabilized in less than four months after going through this amazing process and experience. Now I strongly recommend it to everybody I meet.

    I am very thankful to my cousin who referred me to Mr. Raffi (my cousin’s fibromyalgia was healed through the same process) and to Mr. Raffi for helping me heal and putting me on the right path.

    I know now that one of the reasons that I got this disease was to learn my mission in this life, which is to help others.

    Michelle M. – Los Angeles, California
  • A few years ago, my doctor referred me to Ben Raffi. He suggested Ben’s help as a possible alternative approach to treat some of my symptoms, both physical and psychological, that conventional medicine apparently was unable to heal.

    Not withstanding my initial skepticism, the treatment resulted in a fascinating and rewarding experience — namely, an investigation of my deep self, which proved to successfully heal my ailments by, first, bypassing the external symptoms, identifying and dissolving their actual origin and causes, and, second, stimulating my awareness and self-healing energy.

    Consistent with the original and true meaning of the word “doctor,” which is not “healer” but rather “teacher,” Ben has been for me the best doctor. I strongly recommend his approach and techniques to anyone who is interested in learning how to become his or her own healer through pure, creative mental energy — avoiding the negative, sometimes devastating, so-called “secondary effects” of chemicals and drugs.

    Gian Pietro Calasso Italian film writer/dir
  • Dear Ben,

    This letter is to thank you for clearing up my allergies, after I suffered for several years with them. As a child growing up in England, I thought that anyone who had hay fever, as we called it, exhibited a sign of weakness . . . then suddenly I started to get them myself, in later life. Who would have known that they could be cleared up after only one visit with you? No more antihistamine pills since then — and after that with your help. After just one session I stopped snoring also, which was really annoying my wife.

    I don’t know how you did it! I only wish that I had met you sooner.


    David A. Los Angeles, California Oct
  • Dear Mr. Raffi:

    Since the day I heard about you on the radio and worked with you, my depression and grief have been relieved and my life has changed greatly. Now I know how to live a better life through your teachings and guidance.

    I feel closer to God and feel more love, joy and compassion. I feel like a new person, like having been born again. Your positive and healing energy taught me to let go of the negative energies in my life and think more positively.

    I feel privileged to know you. I think you are an angel on earth doing God’s work. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you so that you may continue to help and teach.

    Heidi September 2004
  • I was introduced to Mr. Ben Raffi through a close friend. At the time I was suffering from very strange and disturbing stress-related symptoms that no one was able to cure. I had been to a number of physicians specializing in various fields of medicine, all to no avail.

    But from the very first appointment with Mr. Raffi everything changed and, fascinating enough, I began to see relief. During my sessions with Mr. Raffi he led to experience the amazing power of one’s mind and the wonders it works by way of self-healing energy. I am truly grateful.

    Sol S. September 2004

Rapid and powerful Self improvement and healing system with a combination of Remote Energy healing, Hypnotherapy, Past life and Archangel therapy/healing

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