Miracles Within Book

A few excerpts from different sections

Miracles With In BookI recognized that a multitude of self-help and self-healing books have been written. Yet I am confident that this book will be very useful because I provide what I feel are the most powerful methods and exercises that you can use to assist and guide yourself through effective change. This is especially true in comprehensive and practical self-healing, which includes all aspects of mind, body and soul but which, unfortunately, are not used properly in most traditional healing modalities.

After you have mastered these healing tools, you will be able to solve many of your own problems, heal yourself, and be able to hear most of your answers directly from the Divine source that lies within you.

This work results from overcoming some of my own life’s obstacles and illnesses, which included miraculous healing experiences that occurred over a span of thirty years. For this work I have also drawn extensively upon events that I have witnessed during my years as a hypnotist and healer. Like many others, for years I missed the signs, ignored all that happened to me, and dismissed the miracles in my life as coincidences.

Most of us experience physical and emotional pain and illnesses at least occasionally. Pain is an obvious aspect of being human; it goes with the territory, and we do not always understand its purpose. Unfortunately we have been trained, especially in Western culture, to think that if medicine cannot cure us we are doomed to suffer. We may also feel that suffering is the only option when we can’t solve our daily problems or face life’s challenges and tragedies.

Worst of all, many of us don’t consider the importance of our spiritual health. We don’t have the faintest idea of what our mission or purpose in life is, and therefore we feel worthless and empty, a void that needs filling. Often such voids are filled with dependencies on drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and even detrimental relationships.

It is said that as human beings we try to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Yet wise people learn not to dread problems but to welcome them and the pain they bring to further challenge their minds and to enhance their lives.

Those things that hurt, instruct.
Benjamin Franklin
1706-1790, statesman, inventor, publisher

In this book I detail several pains and illnesses for which I tried every possible medical treatment, without success. Each time that I found a non-medical solution and healed myself, it transformed my life so dramatically that I was inspired to call them miracles.

For years I was often called upon to share these miracles with others, but I resisted, believing it to be too large a task to undertake, or because of writer’s block — I simply was not ready. But the Universe/God works in mysterious ways. After many ups and downs in my life, I reached a point of no return. Writing this book finally became part of my destiny and mission. I had to listen to my heart, the voice inside me that was calling for it to be done. I realized that during the years I did not share these miracles through writing, I might have lost the opportunity to help many others in need. I have now accepted the fact that it would be selfish not to share what I have learned.

I hope these techniques will be beneficial for those who are searching for answers, for those wanting to eliminate pain, illness and problems from their lives. In sharing these gifts, I will be able to return to the Universe the creative energy that was given to me.

The greatest good that you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.
Benjamin Franklin
1706-1790, statesman, inventor, publisher

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