Upcoming Seminars

Learn how to heal yourself from emotional/ physical pain, find happiness and improve your life.

Very simple yet powerful techniques that everyone can learn and practice.

There are going to be a series of seminars coming up in different cities. The first ones start from the basic and the later ones will be advanced and for those who want to become practitioners.

There will be others added based on people’s request. Please check in again or email us. If you like to organize one in your city please let us know. Cities and Dates to be determined.

1. Self improvement and empowerment

2. Healing yourself and others

3. 2 hours Tele Seminars

4. Kunlun Meditation Classes, an easy secret ancient self improvement system


Seminars include a combination of group an individual practice sessions, hands on healing, self healing, healing others, mind-body-energy medicine, meditation, accessing the powers within and more.

Free lecture in Los Angels Ca, on mind-body-energy medicine and Angel reading from 7-9

One day Transformational and healing workshop,  form 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, $100